About Us


“Deep Sound Inc.” was grouped of experienced and involved in the heyday of vinyl records – Mr. Tsai, together with a master of record equipment and several music lovers.
Unanimously hopes to restart the production of vinyl records, which can uniquely present a broadband range of sound that music enthusiasts extremely pursue!

Vinyl record experience

In the period of 70’s, the Haishan Records New Plant cooperated with Japan’s Toyo Chemicals Technology, Kikuchi Section Manager and Mao Shimu to use the USA FINEBILT equipment to build factories. International music groups such as EMI, CAPTITAL, and other Western-styled records companies were authorized to the Four Seas Records Agency. Technology exchanged from Toshiba EMI Technology to equip with more advanced Swedish TOOLEX plating and automatic pressing equipment.

Optical Discs manufacturing experience

In 2000, established the optical disc master factory, using the most advanced European equipment – two sets of British Nimbus full-featured Master Cutting (DVD+R / DVD-R / CD-R / CD / DVD), two sets of The OMP mastering machine, as well as the German TechnoTrans 13 vats of galvanic. Moreover, set up five more pressing plants to meet the high-quality demand of Japanese OEMs.

Based on the experience of integrated vinyl records is “longitude”, and the experience of optical disc manufacturing is “latitude”, weaving a new hope for vinyl retro!.